The Great Lie

When I came across this post, I sat there for about ten minutes, just staring at it… I had to ask myself what to do… Should I write? Or should I just scroll down and continue on, as if I didn’t see it? This is the GREAT LIE of our society, and the total denial of True History, and the making of what I call false pride. This is the arrogance and pretension that allows us to falsely ‘claim’ this land as ‘ours’ in the biggest scam I have ever seen…
We don’t teach anything else in our school books, because the real truth would make us look bad, as it should. We think we are going to get away with it, because it was a while back, and no one is really paying that much attention to anything, anyways… So, ok. Let’s go through this nonsense, line by line. “THE EARLIEST SETTLES OF THIS LAND CAME IN SEARCH OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.” Not quite. They came here with orders, charters and papal dispensations, saying that they could wipe out anyone who was here because they (those living here) were not christians at the time these newcomers arrived. “Do away with all non-believers and infidels and take possession of all lands, inlets and islands”… ever heard the term ‘Manifest Destiny’?

The Original People were slain, or, of course, put to good use in the mines to search and rip the land apart in their quest for gold and other minerals, and to use these ‘animals’ as slaves. Actually, these Original People were seen to be ‘lower than manure in the streets’ (Bartholomery De Las Casas ~ 1493) “LANDING ON A DESOLATE SHORELINE…” This is where I got upset. This is what they would want you to think… Desolate. Ever seen the dictionary definition of this word? “deserted of people and in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness.” WRONG. In those days, millions of Original People lived in this land, depending on which murderous expedition we are talking about that landed here… Taking Columbus as an example, this was definitely not a ‘desolate’ and ’empty’ place… It was full of Life, Love, Culture, People in Communion with the land they loved and nurtured and so it was for thousands of years prior. The People were called the Taino.
The latin phrase that was used at that time, “TERRA NULLIUS” meant that, in effect, it was ‘void’ of any ‘human beings’, because these, to the new arrivals, were not human… nor were they to George Washington, later on. So this was the perfect excuse. Let’s ‘pretend’ that we arrived on this ‘desolate’ and ’empty’ place… This is one of the bigest and most hurtful lies ever bestowed on the Original People… “THEY ESTABLISHED A SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION THAT HAS SERVED US EVER SINCE.” Not quite.

The only thing they established when they arrived and in the hundreds of years following, was control and demonic possession of this land, taking anything and everything by force that they wanted, destroying all food sources of the Original People wherever they went on their ‘expeditions’, and there were many different ones, one after another, pillaging, burning and raping as they went along, sometimes tens of vilages per day in their ‘conquests’… They left nothing but the charred remains of a People who had flourished for tens of thousands of years… Nothing ‘spiritual’ there… And this is the legacy that follows us to this day (if you believe in and know about karma)…

The thing that most of us don’t understand, is that here, on this land, there is a thing in place, called Natural Law, whether we want to accept it or not, which goes in a Circle… What goes around, comes around… and in a very ironic way, we actually, still, are setting ourselves up to fail, and to pay miserably for what we have done… as Mother Earth waits, as a living, conscious Being, for us to stand up and say “ENOUGH!!” to a government who shows absolutely no remorse for what it has done, better yet, it gets embroiled more and more in other countries and their affairs, terrorizing them into submission, and inventing reasons for more wars as it goes along… So let us not be too surprised at the outcome. pasted from :Luca Majno

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