About the Standing Bear Council

Our Mission: to educate American Indian and non-American Indian people of the traditions and ways of our ancestors 

THE PURPOSE of this organization is educational and charitable.  This organization’s objectives are as follows:

A.  To rekindle and awaken the history of Native people.

B.  To share cultural diversity through Native arts, crafts, dance, music and education.

C.  To bring understanding, love and unity to all people, to honor Mother Earth and all Her creatures.

D.  To undertake any activities and programs that will provide appropriate aid and comfort, education, mutual          understanding and protection of Mother Earth.

E.  The corporation has such powers as are or may hereafter be granted by the general not-for-profit corporation statue of the State of Iowa.

about our Council

Leslie Haslem


Dona Herr


Bruce Moechnig

Vice Chairman

Diane Barnett


Meet Our Team

The Standing Bear Council was incorporated Jan. 6, 2009, as an inter-tribal council; it is comprised of members who represent the Cherokee, Lakota, Ho-Chunk and Shawnee nations, among others, as well as non-native persons.